Building an engaged, holistic and Christ-like community of youths with a zeal to reach out and engage others is our drive. We believe in Godly empowerment to build a young person by providing opportunity to enhance their Christian understanding, talents and purpose.


Our engagement is founded in scripture and guided by relational methods. We love to get to know each other in fun and vibrant ways.

Fusion, that’s what we call our small groups. We believe as the church grows larger it must grow smaller so that no one is lost in the crowd. Our Fusion groups meet bi-weekly and this is where we break down the word we receive on sunday into small bits that we can live out every day of the week.


Fusion, our lives are fused together as we discover our callings and gifting while serving one another as a family. Hook up with one, your life will never be the same again.

Young adults are the fired up energetic men and women in college and university who are faced with pressures from all angles creating a ‘new normal’ which calls for a higher standing in the ways of the Lord while taking the front line in their achievements.


We bring them together in fun activities, mentoring relationships and in forums to be creative in their service to God and society. It’s about investing in future generations to take positions of leadership while firmly rooted in God and having fun the right way!!!

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